Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Memories

-We ate too always!!
-We slept to little and got our schedules WAY always
-We were blessed with great news from the newlyengaged AND the newlyweds!!!
-Big news about the upcoming wedding and MAYBE some family member relocating back to Lexington soon! (fingerscrossed!)
-Sammy had a fever yesterday (and today)!
-I woke up Easter morning and relized I 'forgot' to buy the boys Easter clothes and sprinted to Walmart in a rain storm with wet hair in my Easter dress and heals 1 hour and 15minutes before church...(SMOOTH)
-We counted our blessings and gave our thanks to the ONE that really matters!!!
-and did I mention my kids all looked sooooo stinkin cute! and held it together pretty darn well after a morning of sugar engorgment and the having to sit still during the longest Mass of the year!
-after Mass, we went over to Mike's brother's house for a HUGE Easter egg hunt, time with family & friends and an enormous feast!!!
-Hope your Easter was as BLESSED and EXCITING as ours!

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  1. They do look stinkin cute! Love your description of your crazy, busy day.