Saturday, April 23, 2011


Boy am I lovin' my doc's today! Will had his MRI yesterday at UC. They were fab! The anesthia group there was so great with Will. Ton's of smiles, bubbles, toys distractions to keep him busy during all the registration, history taking abdominal xrays ect....We were able to stay with him, and I was able to hold him while they gave him gas sedation....they waited until he fell asleep to put in his IV, they have the superfast MRI so it only took about 2hrs...all SUCH great things! PROPS to the University of Cincinnati Children's Hospital!!! Plus he woke up with minimal effort, minimal confusion and we were out the door in a half hour...he was running around the house in two hours....

The cherry on top? They faxed the results to my peditrician at 4:30p yesterday (while we were still in recovery) who called my at 9:30a on a Saturday morning to let me know everything looked hydrocephalus (he had a CT in China that said he had this) confirmed lipomeningocelle, and a good repair with no surprises!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

We still have to go see the neuro team at the SB clinic in a few weeks, but how wonderful not to have that worry tapping in the back of the head until then!!!! I couldn't be more happy for Will!!! It looks like his SB is indeed going to as mild as it appears after all!!! TEARS and CHEERS!!!!! God told me from the beginning he would be fine!


  1. I saw u had called and just checked comments and can't believe what a trip that they both had their MRI the same day. What a trip!!! I cNt believe how eAsy the whole thing was for will. What a blessing !! We didn't have it so easy but she mAde it through just fine and is her normal self today. We will get the results next week but how cool u already heard things look good. That is amazing that he is so mild. We knew he was but how wonderful it is now confirmed.

    Let's try to talk this week after I get finleys results and I can ask u more technical questions.

    Miss u!


  2. THAT IS GREAT MYRA!!! God is Good! Happy Easter!

  3. That is phenomenal news. What a relief for all of you!


  4. Congratulations!!!! Wonderful news!! We are bringing home our son from Beijing in June and will likely need the same MRI. We are in southern Indiana (Evansville) and are considering UC and Riley in Indy. I have heard WONDERFUL things about this clinic. Praying we have good news too!! Our son is post operative (15 months of age) and he's 2.5 yrs. now.


  5. God is good! Maire's neurology visit in Wednesday, and they'll set up her MRI then. Praying it goes as well as Will's! Give him hugs :) Hope you have a great spring!