Friday, April 29, 2011

For those willing to open their hearts and homes!! I LOVE YOU!!

so loved

Most of ya'll know Stephanie...she's kinda hard not to know! With that "big 'O family of hers" :) and all she does to help those little one's waiting in China! I think she's pretty amazing myself...maybe a little crazy...but crazy in a good way...crazy in a way I wish I could be sometimes! Any woo....check out what's she's got going on these days over at NiHao Y'all...there's an amazing fundraiser for her even more amaizing new daughters waiting in China!! I think this makes 10 for her and Chris...I tip my hat girl!!!

and on a more local note...My dear friend Cynthia I met through fundraising has also opened her heart to another lovely little one who is just TOOO cute for words...I'm REALLY hoping to be hosting a fundraiser to help her and Adam out VERY soon.... details to come...all us girls need/want start thinkin' about what your summer wardrobe needs...

and God bless y'all!!

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