Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Better Today

Life goes on and you better keep up...

a travel delay IS NOT the end of the world. I'm very sad to be seperated from our son any longer than necessary...but I suppose there is a reason, and I'm sure it will eventually be clear. Today we volunteered at our local Community Faith Christmas Store which is a yearly "store" where those who otherwise can't afford toys for their kids come and shop for free amoung donated gently used and new toys...it was good for the spirit.

and I want to thank all my wonderful friends and family who gave me cyber hugs emails and phone calls when they became aware of our bad news and my bad mood. Especially my father in law who literally talked me out from under my bed covers and convinced me that coming over to spend time with the family (swollen face, red eyed, pajama clad and all) to get a little love and support would be much better for me than lying in my dark bedroom alone....I ADIMENTLY disagreed, but I have a hard time telling him no...and I had to drive Jessa to a dance anyway...so I DID stop by for about 45 minutes and dispite myself...a few big hugs, kisses, a glass of wine, and a few of Denises homemade creme horns DID seem to brighten my spirits. (Plus, my father-in-law did seem genuniely thrilled I came) Thanks for caring Pappy!


  1. Im so glad you are doing a bit better. It constantly amazes me how this process can just throw you for a loop and devistate everything. People on the outside so to speak really dont understand but you know I totally get it and know exactly what you are going through. Big hugs!!!

  2. You are very welcome. I know how it feels to go into those dark places, and then you come out realizing that all will be OK, it is not the end of the world, and it will all work out--just not the way we want it to! Have you ever heard, "Man makes plans, and God just laughs?" And it will become clear to you. I can only say that now, but I couldn't during our wait. Enjoy the holidays Myra! Jesus is Lord, AMEN!!!


  3. Myra,
    This is off the subject, so feel free to delete it after reading, but I've got a procedural question for you about the MAA timeline. We're waiting for the fingerprint approvals and then all the paperwork is ready for authentication, so I want to be prepared for what happens next. Can you email me? I can't seem to find your email and I looked on the MAA members list but didn't see it there.