Thursday, December 30, 2010


Good news from our agency...they are trying to find out the status of our TA and I'm hoping for news tomorrow....pray friends, pray! I have defiently gotten on the train to crazyville! Distraction is the key! I stayed home yesterday and found myself pacing and anxious and checking the computer for news every 15m and jumping out my skin every time the phone rang hoping it was the, lunch with the kids at Burger King and a play date with the Halls at the Children's Museum and my mind is defiently God sent me a HUGE piece of humble pie..

A dear friend of our who is only 41 and otherwise healthy had a heart attack last night..He and Mike have been friends since they were five and he was best man in our wedding...He is doing very well, and is expected to continue to do so. But to say the least I'm praying for bigger and more important things today and I'm feeling very humbled and very grateful everyone I love the most is healthy....If you would, please remember him in your prayers too.

and last night I started thinking about the tough transition all my children are in for. Will is about to leave his birth country and have everything he's ever known taken away. Even though the love of a family is oh so worth the pain of this transition, I know he will grief and be afraid , and there is nothing I can do to help or alieviate it for him. and my other children are also about to have their lives all shook up for awhile. Again, the long term gains and rewards are so worth the short term pain...but still growing pains are hard...lift them up in your prayers for and easy transisition and patience with one another...

Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow!
my favorite China adoption chat group has been a positive place..all the families with our paperwork date except us! has received notification that their TA is on the way think that's good...let's just hope this leaves enough appt's for January for us all!!!!


  1. Will pray for you for good news tomorrow and also for your friend's complete recovery!


  2. I so remember being in this place last year! Our TA didn't come in when everyone else's did. It was torture. After many tears and much stress, it worked out, but it makes my chest tighten just to think of it. The holidays just seem to complicate things...I mean, people thinking they should take time off from work and everything!! Geesh...what are they thinking?!?! ;-)

    I am praying that everything comes together today!!