Saturday, December 11, 2010


I woke up and panicked this morning...Christmas is in less than 2 weeks, I'm hosting a party tomorrow, I have one to go to tonight, and manymany more in the next few weeks...I REALLY want to leave for China in less than 4 weeks, and my "to do list" despite all my hard work and best efforts the last month is bigger than Texas. The cherry on top? My almost 14 year old told me last night she has a boyfriend (faint) it's the first one in over a year, and I have a feeling this one is "different". I have a feeling we will want to "go places" "hold hands" and God help us...he might even kiss her (aaaahhhhhaaahhhh) He's a freshmen in high school and is 6ft tall and has facial hair....Please pray for all of us!!! I know it happens to the best of us...and I knew it was coming, it just...she's my baby....and I'M not ready!!!

Anywho, I need to quit blogging and go get to work!!!!


  1. LOL! Been there, done that, got the gray hair! Isn't parenting young teens fun? No, really, it is! My first 2 are 21 ans 23 so it old now but I remember the first boyfriend and first girlfriend and feeling the same way.


  2. Just breathe. It's a one way journey with kids-they're always growing up and moving forward, not back.