Friday, December 10, 2010

He always provides....

It's always scary to take that "leap of faith" say "OK God, I hear you...I hear you telling me to ignore logic and add another child to our family through adoption...I hear telling us to take on another adoption when we really don't have the finances to pay for it all...I hear you telling us to have faith" It's not been easy...we've gotten alot of support, and I've made wonderful new friends, and we've been met with doubt, indiffernce, and I've been brought to tears by those I love the most...I'm not going to sit here and that I just woke up and said "Sure, God I'm in why not"'s been TOUGH..some days I feel 100% sure others just 51%..but I know it's right...but I still worry...I worry about how it will affect my family, how it will affect us financially...and I know right doesn't equal easy....but then God does REALLY cool stuff to restore our faith, to show us He's with us - like Wednesday! Here's the scoop........

I work for Lexington Clinic, and they have a policy if a patient sends a letter or makes a phone call to complement your patient care of service, you receive a "gold badge" to wear at work instead of the stardard issue purple and black. In addition, there are two end of the year "Exceptional Customer Service Banquets". You attend one and at each there is a drawing for $1000.00. Anyone want to guess where I'm going with this!!! Guess who won the drawing!?!?! and guess who's never won anything ever in her entire life?? and guess who could really use a little extra cash for a certain trip to China that should be JUST around the corner!?!?!

Is God Cool or What???


  1. Yes, he's definitely cool! Congratulations, Myra. The timing of you finally winning something is perfect!


  2. Congratulations, Myra! That's wonderful!!!

  3. It's always there when you need it. ((hugs))

  4. Congratulations, Myra. That is very, very cool!


  5. So, so cool! Congrats! That's so awesome!