Sunday, December 19, 2010

Does it EVER stop??

The good news...we THINK!?! all of our paperwork has officially made it to CCAA and we are now officially waiting for TA. Lately, TA's have been arriving quick anywhere from 11 days to 3 weeks after the paperwork is delivered...we are now on day #3. If the TA arrives timely our shot of traveling to China 1/6 and having Gotcha day on his birthday if pretty decent

The bad news....there were some families with my agency that emailed me and reported our China coordinator (who is usually very reliable I here) made a mistake with some of our paper work that was suppose to be sent to CCAA and/or dropped off at the Consulate on Thursday 12/16. Some didn't get sent, some where dropped off on the wrong day two weeks ago....(REALLY!!) I of course called the agency immediately who told me they'd already made a call and placed a request to follow up of the status of all the Article 5's from Thursday. But of course, it was Friday afternoon so it's been a long weekend....

The "more bad news" CA appoinments for early and mid January are starting to fill up. I'll be holding my breath and praying like a mad woman IF the TA comes in time that there's still room for us to get Will on the 10th....the other concern is they aren't allowing any more consulate appoinments after January 25th because they are shutting down for the Chinese New Year for about 10 days...So IF! our paperwork didn't get dropped off on Thursday, not only have our chances of traveling on early January gone...but depending on availability of CA appts, we MAY have to wait until the second week of February to which case I will have chewed all the furniture in the house....(Consulate Appointment - this is when you go to the US Embassy and take an oathe that you will never harm or abandon your child and receive their official immigration papers in the "brown envelope" once you receive the brown envelope, you can leave the country and go home)

I really thought I'd just get to cruise for the the next week or so until it was close for our TA and not stress....HA!~ what was I thinking!!! With the adoption process, the obsticles don't ever stop!!!!

Please continue to pray! I truly believe God can do all things and is ultimately in control, but darn it I just can't help it....Mommy's a little tense.

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  1. Myra,
    It is all the "Ifs" that will drive you crazy! I think it's actually easier to deal with the wait if you aren't getting any emails or rumors like this in the meantime. Then everything is a surprise! (But I understand-completely-the desperate need we have to mark off every single day on that calendar while waiting!) Hope it works out in your favor,