Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Very Merry Christmas indeed....

The beloved American Girl!
Very happy with out new Ipod!

gathering at the top of the stairs Christmas morning anxious to check out the Santa loot..check out Brynn's face..she's about the burst!

Reindeer food!! (yes, it snowed on Christmas night!)

Tom and Terry
Gary and Debbie

Brynn and Uncle Joe
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Our night with the Halls - the kids anxious to open gift!

Jessa and Hannah before Cottoniltion

So much fun, so much family, so many friends, so much food, and just enough drink...then Sam slept through Christmas Mass, the others behaved perfectly, and I actually enjoyed it....and SNOW!!!! are you kidding me!! does it get any better! not really...except Will was in the back of mind all day. Luckily he doesn't realize what he's year he will be in the midst of all the crazy chaos...and this mama's heart will be even happier...

Hope your Christmas was also filled with more FUN FAMILY FRIENDS and FAITH than you could stand!


  1. Looks like a great day!! So cute!

  2. Myra,

    It looks like you had a wonderful celebration (and could probably use it, given recent events). And snow to boot! We're just getting our first storm of the year tonight-got just a dusting for Christmas, but four miles away they're still completely brown, so most of the state has been dry so far.